Welcome to the new Runners’ Choice website and blog.

Welcome to the new Runners’ Choice website and blog. We are always striving to inform and educate our customers on the latest in products, running trends and events. Our new website and blog is designed to do just that. Keep up to date on the latest product and running trends as well as racing info on our new blog. Our new website will be easier to navigate and better able to offer you, our customer a more rewarding experience online. It has been a long time coming and I think you will enjoy what it has to offer.


Our website in only one small part of the NEW Runners’ Choice, for those of you who know and love us don’t worry; we will still be bringing you the great experiences you have come to expect but look to take that to the next level. With new product, clinic and racing selections we will offer something for everyone. As we move through the next year keep your eye out for all the improvements. We look forward to a great 2016 with all our customers. See you on the roads!!

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