What our awesome clients have to say!


When I joined Runners’ Choice in 2002 I never thought that 13 years later I would still be part of the group. I didn’t know then how much the group would come to mean to me and how much it would be part of my life. For it is from the group, and with the group, one is blessed with encouragement, support, advice, inspiration and fun times. There are always fun times. When I think of the group it’s with a happy heart. And the heart of the group is surely our ever-supportive, ever-encouraging, ever-challenging, gently-correcting, pointedly-reminding, sometimes-prodding coach John Ferguson. Whether it's a long Sunday run, tempo run, mile repeats, track, races or road trips whether in blistering heat, mind-numbing cold or those splendid perfect weather days, coach is there. And when I need (or is that want?) new shoes I know the staff at Runners’ Choice will provide what they always do - friendly, expert advice given with patience and the understanding that comes from a fellow runner. To quote Larry David: “Pretty good. Pretttttttty, pretttttttttty good.”

Christine Dirks

Group member since 2002


My running has improved immensely through the Runners' Choice clinics. Before I moved to the London area, my fastest marathon was 4:31. Since then, I've run three Boston Marathons and just qualified for my fourth with a time of 3:24:37. The top-notch coaching and support from other marathon training clinic participants has, without question, allowed me to reach my running goals.
Runners' Choice carries a great selection of shoes, running apparel and accessories -- but it is the excellent advice from the store's employees who are experienced at competing in the top levels in southern Ontario -- and for that matter, Canada -- that makes the difference for me.

Bruce Lamb

RC group member for 7 years


I've been with the RC Marathon running group since winter of 2009.  I had been a regular customer at the store before then, but after 'doing my own thing' to train for a half marathon and feeling awful near the end, I knew that I needed if I was going to step it up to a full marathon I needed to find some expert advice so I joined the Marathon Running Group, led by John Ferguson.   The store has been a fixture in the running community in London for years and it is differentiated because it is staffed by runners, RC isn't just a retail store that sells shoes.  Brian and his staff are experienced runners so they can talk to you about all aspects of running, not just the shoes. Always good to go into the store and see a familiar face behind the counter.

Brian Murphy

6th season with RC


Coming to running rather later than most, I needed direction.  Runners' Choice gave me that and more.  Their expertise and experience ensured that I had the shoes and products I needed, and their training groups took me from my first 5km race to my first marathon!  Thanks, RC!

Rick Wood

4th season with RC

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help yesterday. By far that was the best customer service I've ever received in any store I will definitely be a return customer and send anybody who needs running gear your way! I just got back from my run, I couldn't be happier 😍

Jennifer W.

Happy customer


Runners’ Choice has allowed us to share our passion with our children! Running is a huge part of our lives, and has become something that we are able to do together. Racing in the London Honda Race series is an exciting family event for all ages.
Our children both began their running careers at 15 months, participating in the series famous, Kiddie Trot, and have now graduated to the 2km races; all while Mom and Dad get to run in the main events! These family oriented races truly provide a tangible opportunity for us to lead by example. In addition, the Runners’ Choice clinics have worked hard to accommodate running families with young children. Routinely, our team workouts are kid friendly. While we are cranking out intervals, our kids get to play with other children, who are being supervised by a group of babysitters. We hope our children will continue to love the sport as much as we do!

Jen and Shawn Vording and kids

Running family


I have been experiencing a wonderful training opportunity, as well as the encouragement, friendship and support from the Runners' Choice marathon clinic group for the past 5 years.

I initially joined when my goal was to complete a marathon by the time I was 60 years old. With the expert training program, I ran my first marathon in Corning, New York, 2010, along with a bus load of great running buddies from London. Since then, I have completed 12 marathons with the coaching guidance of John Fergusson, and the friendly encouragement of the special running community from Runners' Choice. My goal now is to complete a marathon in every province of Canada. So far, I have 4 provinces under my belt, and with the group's encouragement, I will l attain my goal.

An added benefit of my running program has been an initial weight loss of 25 pounds, which I have maintained through running and a healthy lifestyle. I would highly recommend any of the Runners' choice clinics for runners old and young. I have not met a more encouraging, motivating and positive group anywhere else.

Helen Riodon