Month: August 2018

The Big Move!!!

As most of you know by now, Runners’ Choice has moved to a new home at 520 Springbank Dr (at Berkshire). We are very excited for what the future holds here at our new location as we move forward into the Fall season. Response has been great so far as runners come in to explore our new location, and we are excited to meet new customers that are venturing in.

The decision to leave downtown was one hat came with much deliberation. Being in one location for 28 years creates a sense of stability and home while at the same time there has been an unbelievable amount of change in that time. After looking at all the changes that have happened and are to come in the downtown we decided it was time to make the move.  Finding our new location was a combination of hours of searching and a few moments of luck.  We knew that we wanted to stay relatively cental in the city, add parking and be close to the running paths, not and easy trio in the commercial realty listings. Our moment of luck came one Sunday morning in February doing water stops for our half and full marathon training group. Running short on supplies I made a quick trip to the Happy Days variety on Springbank and Berkshire to restock and happened to see a location available just a few doors away, a quick look in the window help much promise and after a few visits with the measuring tape we determined this would be our new home.

The Big Move was just that, a very long weekend!!  It is amazing how much you can accumulate over 28 years, but with a new lookcoming at the new store it was time to purge and start relatively fresh at our new home. Relatively I say, as we did not want to get rid of all the history that was associated with growth of Runners’ Choice. Closing on Saturday and reopening on Tuesday morning at the new store meant for a busy 2 and a half days of packing; moving; unpacking and restocking, but all ran smoothlyand on Tuesday morning at 9:30 we opened our doors to a bright clean updated space.

3 weeks in and we are excited with the response we have recieved from both new and old customers. Lots of free parking right at the door seems to top the list of new likes, closely followed by the great running routes our groups are enjoying. We hope to see you out at the new store, come by and check out all the great things we have to offer, or come join us on Saturday mornings for a Free Pack Run.