Month: May 2018

Dirty Sneaker Event

What does a huge pile of dirty running shoes mean?  Well that all depends on your perspective, for the runner in the house it means that it is the Runners’ Choice annual Dirty sneaker event and time upgrade to a new pair for      summer running.  For the non runner in the house it means that all those old runners can finally be cleaned out of the closet or garage after piling up for some time now. But for some of London’s less fortunate it is a great news as it means hundreds of shoes will soon be distrubuted through various agencies to those that are in need.  For more than 20 years now we have collected shoes that can be reused. Many of our customers  know we collect these shoes every year as they come in to save up to $90 on new shoes but are not aware of what happens to all the shoes that pile up in the windows.  For the past 20 plus  years our generous customers have helped us collect more than 8500 pair of shoes that have been passed on. After only one week we have had 268 pair donated and look to be on the way to another great year.