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"Racing in the London Honda Race series is an exciting family event for all ages."
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I signed up for the Runners’ Choice ‘Learn to Run’ clinic as I knew I needed to improve my fitness and the gym was getting boring. On the first night of the clinic I was extremely nervous but I received support from the instructors and fellow participants. Building my fitness was difficult at times but I knew that I just needed to keep attending and know that I was progressing. Even on the nights when the weather was terrible and I was burnt from a long day at work, I was always happy that I got the workout in! Jump forward to near the end of the clinic and at the encouragement of Janet, my awesome run coach and fellow runners I decide to sign up for a 5k. If you had told me this on the first night I would have said highly doubtful. Yet through this process you are challenged to reach your highest potential. Janet, my friends and family all ran with me and the feeling of crossing the finish line was indescribable. Instead of being thankful it was over I knew that I wanted to do another race. I was thrilled to have a feeling of accomplishment.  The camaraderie and friendships that I have made keep me engaged and always striving for a new personal best.  The clinic has started me on my journey and I’m excited to see where I can go from here.
– Shona Gray

Although I wouldn’t describe myself as athletic, I have always considered myself a sports junkie, someone who can’t wait to jump in and join a team. Therefore running has always been hard for me to start or stay interested in. Fast forward to last fall, when I had been let go from a job that I loved, to no longer being able to, or even interested in, joining teams. I was at a bit of a low point when I decided I needed to try something new, needed a reason to be active again and get out of my apartment for the winter. Runners’ Choice – Learn to Run Clinic couldn’t have been a more perfect answer for what I was looking for. I started this clinic with the only expectation of wanting to show up to something consistently, and towards the end I had decided to seriously train to run a 5K, working each night towards doing better than the day before and then actually completing the 5k! I couldn’t believe it! I haven’t been that proud of myself in a very long time, and I owe so much credit to awesome community that lives with Runners’ Choice. Janet Smith, the group’s facilitator, is not only a phenomenal running coach but her positivity and encouragement is paramount. Her cheers and support is something I will always hold on to, and hope to one day foster in others. I was also incredibly lucky to make some new friends here, friends that truly understand how hard it is to show up some days, or how important it is to hit new personal bests. I’ve decided that I’m now hooked on running, and although I’m not going to be setting any new world records any time soon, I’m excited to see how far I can go – and with this support system behind me, I cannot wait! Thanks so much, Runners’ Choice!
– Marcie Pridding

Welcome to the new Runners’ Choice website and blog.

Welcome to the new Runners’ Choice website and blog. We are always striving to inform and educate our customers on the latest in products, running trends and events. Our new website and blog is designed to do just that. Keep up to date on the latest product and running trends as well as racing info on our new blog. (more…)


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